Urist Loric

Mul Battlemind


Urist Loric is the oldest son of Gilgar Loric, a gifted master potter hailing from Urik. As a child, Urist was raised to be the heir to the great mysteries of House Loric Pottery. Loric Brand Potteries ™ are known as some of the finest, richly detailed, and strongest urns, vials, and cisterns in Urik. It was with this exceptional skill that Urist’s Great Grandfather Anshur Loric won his freedom from the obsidian arena known as the Pit of Black Death, and was able to found House Loric in the Obsidian Quarter of Urik.

Urist began his apprenticeship to his father at the age of 6, and while showing great ability, he showed little interest. This changed four years later, when Urist latent psionic ability allowed him to manipulate his pottery in ways that left his father stunned. Urist was mesmerized by the tiny shapes, scripts, and patterns that he could place on his items, using “fingers” of any size or shape. Seeing these new found abilities developing and fearful that the Templars would collect young Urist for the King’s Academy, he beat the child all the while screaming to never use these abilities for anything ever again. Always a dutiful child, Urist agreed and never used his “tiny tools”again.

Two years later, Urist was called to the Temple of the Lion God with all other 12 year old children for the annual Scouring and Destiny Festival. Here he was tested for talent in the Way as well as determining his suitable vocation. Due to his oath, and his extreme willpower, Urist was able to repress his abilities to the point that he was overlooked for recruitment at the King’s Academy. Urist was permitted to remain apprenticed to his father, in hopes that he would be able to take up the mantle of House Loric.

For four more years Urist toiled under his fathers keen gaze, guiding, instructing, and learning the Potters arts. On the eve of Urist’s 16th High Sun, the night that his father was to be elevated to Sirdar, a merit earned Nobel of Urik, the Stel House struck. Using their vast wealth and influence within Urik, they charged Gilgar as a Bit Striker (coin counterfeiter) and supporter of the veiled alliance. Normally laughable claims, but under the meteoric rise of House Loric, and the strings House Stel pulled, Templars descended on the manor house of Gilgar Loric.

In the confusion of the crowd that came to celebrate Gilgar Loric’s elevation, Gilgar, Urist, his mother Ashlultum, and his young sister Ia, escaped in the night. For days they moved east along the Road of Kings toward Raam. There they linked up with a Caravan headed toward Nibenay and in this journey Urist began his transformation into a defender of those around him.

For the next two months, as the caravan slithered south, Urist spent time with the caravan guards, team masters, merchants, and caravan leaders. Day and night, he would join the guards in their tasks, and learn the fine art of soldiering. At the Bremil Pass, the Lorics left the caravan to head to Cromlin, a den of theives, silt pirates, and smugglers. It was here that Gilgar sacrificed the last few possessions and his freedom to buy passage for his family to Balic.

Though Capt. Kester is a slave running Silt Pirate, [he] is also an honorable Tarek of exceptional wealth. Kester gladly accepted a new rower and the five steel picks and clay carvers that Gilgar presented as a fair. For Urist, the next several weeks consisted of staring endless across the Great Silt Sea by day, and comforting his weeping mother and sister by night. Their cries nearly extinguished the rhythmic snap of the whips from holds below. In this journey, Urist began to believe that all this was just a setback. House Loric will rise again, he was sure of this. Why he was so sure remained a mystery to Urist for years to come.

Once in Balic, Urist’s mother, a cousin of House Wavir contacted one of her many uncles and set about making a new life for the three of them. The years passed, Ashlultum remarried into House Wavir, Ia was married off to a wizened Widower in Altaruk, and Urist spent time pounding the faces of Tombladori youth in the streets of Balic, and sparring with the guards of Wavirin Caravans.

Over the years, the memories and oaths to Urist’s presumably dead father weakened, and Urists began to experience changes while in his numerous brawls. He experienced times when he could utter entire sentences in the breath of someones incoming punch. The images of warning allowing Urist to dodge a stone launched from a Dejada in the alley. His skin growing tight and tough at the very threat of violence. In lopsided ambushes of 8 vs 2, Urist could declare that he had already won, he just had to keep punching the other 7 guys until they figured it out.

Over time, Elasus Argaeus, Captain of the Caravan guards, caught wind of this young pup’s exploits and began to slowly pair him up with some of his best teachers, mentors, and rangers in order to direct Urist fiery energy. He knew an aspiring Battlemind when he saw one, it reminded him of his own Awakening.

Soon Elasus began sending Urist on little errands with the local caravans and field runners. At 19, Urist volunteered into the caravan guard, and from that time forward, he always where the fighting was the thickest. He then received a very special assignment, escort a caravan loaded with Balic’s prized Olive Oil, and a young noble named Joselle Wavir to be delivered to Altaruk’s Balican governor Arisphistaneles. It was expected to be a relatively uneventful journey, but the usual ill equipped raiders should be expected.

One day outside of Balic, the caravan was ambushed. Urist only had a moments warning before the javelin struck Joselle in the throat. She was the first to fall, others in the caravan did not fair as well. Many were cleaved in half by [unusually organized and] frenzied Gith Spearmen or struck down from the flying javelins. In moments, dozens lay dead from both sides, no one was uninjured.

Hours later the caravan was found by a Legionary Patrol and a young Balican Noble. They help tend to the wounded and the dead, Urist spent the next few days in the stretcher of the barrack’s Doctor mending a javelin to the knee. Another setback for Urist Loric, but not one to stop his greatness.

Urist Loric

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