Jarrik Maul


Jarrik Maul

I remember a world of green and blue. My memories are not my own. Or is my skin not my own? These things I cannot be sure of. I am sure that I remember a world of green and blue, I remember when the ground cracked and magic ripped the sky apart. One day I will see a green world again.

I am Jarrik Maul third of my name. A native of Balic; I was one of the privileged few to not grow up on the streets or fighting in the Arena. My father knew there was something strange about me when I stole a piece of fruit from the market. He scolded me but I told him I took it for him because when he was a boy he took the same kind of fruit and I or, his father, never let him taste of it again. He said I spoke like my grandfather, who he named me after. He then saw I had an easy time with my studies. I was drawn to the Libraries of House Wavir so he allowed me to apprentice as a Sage.

I was only 14 when I met my wife, and we were married within a year. Our fathers said it would be a good way to help end some minor feud between house Wavir and house Jarko. It must not have been an important feud because neither of us where anyone special. But we married, and I thought that I would live a normal life of a sage [scribing in the libraries of House Wavir].

When I was 17, I had a child. Later, I went to a pub to get a pint after another long day going over dusty tomes. I was having more intense dreams, and I felt like those tomes I made my life could be corrected. But I am diverting. There I was sitting alone at a table and I started seeing my green and Blue Athas. I saw a picture of someone I knew to be my wife but was not my wife and children that I connected with but could not be mine playing in field. It was so vivid I wanted to share my vision. This was not a good time to discover a hidden power. My urge to share my dream was so intense that I did just that; I shared it. A man behind me had apparently grabbed a sap from his side. If it were not for Jango Farreaching, a man who I now know as a wizard of the Veiled Alliance, I would likely not have met a pleasant end. The man with a sap held his head and the two of us apparently vanished without a trace. By the time anyone could see us we were well on our way to my home.

Jango told me of the Veiled Alliance, and I knew I was meant to join because I knew I was in it in the past. As though I hid it only the day before, I went to House Wavir’s library, where I made my second home, pried loose a floor board and found my orb and spellbook. This was all strange to me, but it felt natural at the same time.

Since then I have done what little I could for the Veiled Alliance. Offering a safe place to stay here and there, spreading messages to places when one of their members came to Balic, or on the rare occasion when I was made to go on a merchant mission. I swore my oath to never defile the land. And have only let my secret be known to a select few members of the House who on occasion use my gifts to decipher scripts or send messages. So far not the life of adventure I remember having, but I cannot help but think I am destined for more.

Jarrik Maul

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