Darus Aleic Dultan

Human Ardent


Defining Aspects of Darus Aleic Dultan

Upbringing: Darus is the youngest child of Patrician Dultan. His eldest sibling Bertrand is house heir and political prodigy. His sister Clara, having been stricken with wanderlust at a young age, now uses what resources that are afforded her to fund treasure hunting expeditions. She is also, admittedly, fairly successful in her endeavors. Darus, however, was commited to military service by his parents even before his birth. House Dultan did, after all, hold many ranking positions in the Army of Balic, as well as having been instrumental in the contracting of major merchant houses for military supplies.
Darus was groomed for commissioning from a very early age by his two masters; the first being Lieutenant Dultan himself, Darus’ uncle and godfather, and the second being Master Kipling, a halfling psionicist. Darus never complained or sulked about his filial obligations, but met each goal set before him with determination and high spirits. In statecraft he was capable, but a mere shadow of his brother. In the martial arts he was focused and driven, but lacked the ferocity of his sister. In the psionic disciplines, however, he excelled. Darus displayed a proficiency in empathy, as well a talent in projecting emotions onto others.
Darus worked hard at his studies, but never missed a chance to take advantage of his position of privilege. He loved dinner parties, weddings, and especially balls, as each was a chance he might have the oportunity to spend time with the lovely Joselle Wavir, a debutante born into the affluent merchant house. Darus was enamored with her and although their interactions seemed few and far between, he felt the feelings were reciprocated.
As the years went by, he eventually became an officer in the Army of Balic where he led capably and was very fond of his battalion. He thought of Joselle often, but saw her rarely as she was often with the House’s caravan.

Personality: Darus was born happy. Happy about everything. Some would say that as nobility there would be no reason not to be, but even those of privilege know that life is easy for no one on Athas. Nevertheless, Darus never once cried as a child, never complained, and nobody ever saw him brood. As a leader, he thrived; his battalion would have died for him a thousand times over. As an aristocrat, he conjured the envy of those far more affluent, though to be fair, envy came easily to that lot. Darus spent a lot of time on the streets of Balic, among the poor, and even among the slaves. To some, his endless optimism was a source of solidarity, a warm and welcome haven that made the harshness of life on Athas seem distant. To others, his unwavering smile was nothing more than the mockery of a noble who never knew a days hardship. He was, on multiple occasions, met with hostility and even violence due to his disposition.
Whether loved or hated, there was something about Darus’ elation that was somewhat unprecedented on Athas; that it was wholly and obviously genuine. There was no patrionizing quality to it, and certainly it was not the ingratiating ear-to-ear grin of the peddlers in the elven market. No, Darus was indeed cheerfulness personified, and this jubilation was contagious. Time spent with Darus was reason to rejoice, even if shortly after he departed the bleakness of Athas took it’s hold once again.

Fall from family grace: Darus served his three years in the Army of Balic dutifully. In fact, he served five. He did not, however, to the supreme disdain of his family and especially his godfather, make a career of his military service.
What happened was this: Joselle Wavir had been residing in Balic for the better part of a year. [During this year, Minosh Tomblador also sought the attention of Joselle even though their houses were bitter rivals. He was very forward with the young Wavir, and openly competed with Darus. Minosh was not above underhanded tactics to win the approval of Joselle, but Darus was able to fight off these tactics with his open elation for life.] She and Darus spent a great deal of time together during this time and Darus was indeed considering betrothal. [Shortly after it became clear that Joselle favored Darus over Minosh,] the night came suddenly where Joselle learned of House responsibilities and was obligated to leave the next day. This day came and went, and Darus saw go with it the girl whom he intended to marry. He sent his resignation to the Army of Balic and braved the condemnation of his family to set off the next day on an Inix after the Wavir caravan.
A day outside Balic he came across a bloodbath. The Wavir caravan had been besieged by raiders, and although victorious, had suffered many casualties. Joselle was among them. Darus felt for the first time in many years very very dark emotions. Rage, hatred, depression, regret, inconsolability among them. Nevertheless, he helped tend to the wounded, bury the fallen, and reassemble the caravan. He was familiar with several of the Wavir nobility, and having only scorn to return to from his family back in Balic, he sought work from his contacts in House Wavir.
A couple years passed and the pains of the loss of Joselle eased. He spends most of his time with the caravan as a guard, but also some time is spent in Balic. He does spend time (apprehensively) at the family house, and although the scars of the past remain, he is not disowned entirely by any besides his uncle, who to this day refuses to speak with him.

Darus Aleic Dultan

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